beautiful granite counter top


With so many captivating colors and tones to choose from, you will be left in amazement when selecting your very own natural stones. From classic granite to elegant marble and quartzite, learn more about the stone the best suits your needs.



Known for its durability and unique color patterns, granite is a popular choice. Granite is compiled of several mineral types including quartz, mica and feldspar -- all of which contributes to its resilience to stains, scratches and more!


While not quite as strong as granite, marble is a lovely material that exudes elegance. Often used for bathroom vanities, showers and fireplaces, marble is a wonderful option for home owners and business owners alike.


Quartzite is a unique material that is typically seen in white but comes in a range of colors. Like granite, quartzite is a scratch and chemical resistant material making it an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoor settings.


Onyx is a rare, striking material known for its varied range in colors. Onyx can have a translucent-like appearance making it a great option as a statement piece or as a backdrop. Less durable than other natural stones, onyx requires more care and attention.


Soapstone is perhaps the most sustainable and durable of natural stones because of its high-resistance to heat. This is why soapstone is often incorporated within kitchens. This popular material is also non-reactive to harsh chemicals and relatively maintenance-free.


Limestone is a classic natural stone that has been in high demand for decades. Limestone is exceptionally strong and durable against elements making it a popular choice for outdoor designs. With a varied range of colors, you can achieve a variety of looks with this lovely stone.


quartz counter top


While engineered for optimal use, quartz is mostly composed of natural quartz. This material is designed to be resistant to scratches, stains, cleaners and heat. This is why quartz is a great option for kitchen settings.