No matter what your design style may be, rest assured we have a material type that will complement your aesthetic preference. Choose from extravagant materials such as granite, limestone, onyx and other natural stones that will add a stunning touch of elegance to your counter tops, fireplaces and more.

While granite is one of the most widely known and utilized materials, our selection of natural stones is endless. We house a unique selection of materials including limestone, quartzite, granite, soapstone, onyx, marble and others. Our team is well-acquainted and knowledgeable of each natural stone we work with to ensure quality implementation every time.

Take a look below to see the range of natural stones we offer. For more details, call us today at (918) 431-0833.

        • Granite
        • Marble
        • Quartzite
        • Onyx
        • Soapstone
        • Limestone

granite slabs

Engineered stone is a material composed of a variety of stones that are brought together through an adhesive process. Crushed stone materials (typically quartz and marble) are bound together to create a singular manufactured stone material. Like natural stones, these beautifully devised materials can be incorporated into any element of your home or business as counter tops, backsplashes and more.

engineered stone counter top

Who doesn't love an elegant, high-end custom sink made from luxurious natural stones such as marble and granite? At Ace Custom Granite, we offer just that. Choose from a unique variety of natural stone and engineered stone sinks perfect for bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks and even outdoor sinks for convenience. We can custom design single sinks and double sinks. Whatever you may have in mind, we can bring it to life.

natural stone sink